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Student Submission: Stories Bring Us Together

"Stories Bring Us Together" by Callie Creech.

Growing up in Appalachia means growing up being told hundreds of folk tales and stories in hundreds of different forms. As a child the things I remember most are creative plays, stories in the form of music, and competitions where Appalachians would put their creative storytelling skills to the test. My fondest memories come from attending plays and gigs in my hometown, as it would always provoke a sense of belonging in my heart. All of these Appalachian people sharing their own experiences in their own creative ways truly shows how happy we are to support and listen to each other.

As I traveled through childhood, my mother Rhona Creech and sister Devyn Creech participated in a storytelling and event program called Higher Ground. Higher Ground is a group of people who have these things in common: their love for the mountains, their Appalachian upbringing, their love for storytelling, and their love for unity. Using these elements, they have created many of their own dramatic plays depicting what it’s like to live in Appalachia while also utilizing comedy, irony, drama, and addressing current issues. Growing up around this amazing community caused a love for theater and a desire to act that I still have today.

It has always been my personal belief that storytelling is one of the most important parts of Appalachian culture. Without storytelling, we Appalachians would not be as close as we are. It brings us together, and helps other people to learn about the Appalachian experience. Whether it’s music, plays, or any other form of spreading experiences, I hope it’s always a part of our culture.


This essay was submitted as part of a collaboration with the Digital Media class at Letcher Central High School in Letcher County, KY.

Callie Creech is a senior at Letcher County Central High School. She is very artistic and has been notorious in our community for her fantastic drawings and displays. She is quick to lend a hand and always goes out of her way for anyone in need. She plans to continue with her artistry in the future. She enjoys drawing, the sun, the color green, and anything with cheese on it. She plans on attending Southeast Community and Technical College for two years for her basics before moving away to Morehead.

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