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  • Judy W.

Guest Post: Where I'm From

I am from a big city

with country roots.

From a father with an 8th grade education

and a mother who never worked outside

our home.

I am from a two bedroom house

A fireplace without a fire.

I am from only one grandmother with braided hair,

carrying a spoonful of sugar and castor oil.

I am from lightning bugs in a jar.

Jump ropes and mud pies…

a China doll with blue eyes.

I am from floursack dresses and picking strawberries.

I am from weekend trips to Kentucky.

I am from three different schools. I am from

cousins who stayed but never left.

I am from Howdy Doody and Mickey Mouse Club;

Buffalo Bob and Clarabelle. I am from the love of books,

music and dance.

I survived scarlet fever, measles and chicken pox.

I am from a sister I didn’t really know

with a baby I thought was a doll.

I am from a switch from a tree in the backyard.

I am from love.

Guest post by Judy W.

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